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Upcoming Speaking Engagements: Operational Excellence through Preventive Human Performance Controls

By Harry Benson , March 8, 2019

Human error is inevitable, but root cause analysis of issues tells us that there are risk control elements which can reduce human error and mitigate the impact when it does occur. Although the need to reduce human error is apparent, and is frequently discussed in our industry, very little has been presented regarding actionable control strategies, or to make the business case for implementing these preventive actions.  While most of us recognize the need for controls like effective procedures and training, we don’t always appreciate how those two elements integrate with the other critical controls to drive predictable human performance.


The elements of a performance control strategy are best implemented through a sequence of specific activities.  This staged approach keeps the investment reasonable and predictable compared to the severe costs and losses associated with a reactive approach later in the production lifecycle.


At CAI's upcoming speaking engagements this month, we will discuss the model of making specific preventive improvements that mitigate costly performance risks.  This will be supported with a real case of success in applying this sequential performance control approach to improve alignment, staff performance, and productivity.



Figure 1: Staged Approach to Performance Controls for an Organization



Join Harry at the ISPE CaSA Technology Conference on March 12 in Raleigh, NC at 11:15am

and at the PDA New England "Proven Strategies for Successful Transfer and Manufacture of Your Injectable Drug Product with a CMO" Program on March 20 in Bedford, NH at 7pm


About the Author:

Benson, Harry

Harry Benson leads a team of experienced professionals at CAI who develop and execute programs, processes, and tools with industry organizations that standardize and improve the performance of their people. A former nuclear-trained submarine officer and Master Training Specialist, he is an expert in organizational effectiveness, performance improvement, human error reduction, and learning design and delivery with over 20 years of experience in driving results-based performance improvements within a variety of highly technical environments. Harry has a Bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, and a Master’s in International Business Administration from Wright State University.


Topics: Human Performance, Training